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ParcelStream™: Turn-Key Parcel Boundaries for Online Mapping

Parcel boundary data has become a must-have data set for mapping applications and location-based products. ParcelStream™, a module of SpatialStream™, is a nationwide parcel boundary solution that bundles access to parcel boundary data with mapping display technologies. The ParcelStream™ web service lets developers reap the benefits of parcel boundary data without the cost, hassle and learning curve of traditional solutions.

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With only a few lines of code, you can instantly display parcel lines, geocode addresses to parcel centroids, connect related data to parcels, and achieve interactivity with parcel lines. ParcelStream™ is a turn-key solution for integrating parcel boundaries into mapping applications.

Quickly and easily display parcel boundaries in your application with ParcelStream™
One of the key ways ParcelStream™ makes spatial technology easy is that it solves both parcel data acquisition and integration challenges in a single offering. This frees developers' time to focus on enhancing the user experience. Other benefits of ParcelStream™ include:
  • Rapid, easy implementation: parcel lines in 7 lines of code
  • Data and technology bundled for convenience
  • Over 132 million US parcels covering all major cities and metro areas
  • Regular data updates mean your data is more current
  • Compatible with common mapping applications such as Bing Maps™ and Google Maps™
  • Designed for high performance over the web

ParcelStream™ also offers spatial data integration solutions that automate the process of matching related data sets so you can easily add interactive mapping features and gain more value from your data assets. For instance, with ParcelStream™ you can link spatial and tabular data sets such as property records and parcel boundaries.

Exploring ParcelStream™

The resources listed below will help you learn more about ParcelStream™, see its web services in action, and even try it out for yourself in your own application.

Digital Map Products' ParcelStream™ is the most comprehensive parcel boundary solution available and is the parcel solution of choice for national real estate websites. Experience the ParcelStream™ difference today and take your mapping application to the next level.